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NISS's Drilling Services Division provides drilling and borehole services to the world’s premier mining and construction companies. Combined with our mining services and supply divisions, we strive to operate at the highest level of safety, technology, and environmental responsibility.

What We Do

Surface Exploration Driling

Helicopter Support Sevices

Underground Core Drilling

Speciality Drilling

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Surface Exploration Drilling

NISS Surface Core Drilling experts have extensive technical knowledge and experience in deep surface coring drilling techniques. We routinely reach exploration drilling depths exceeding 7,000 feet (3,048 meters) with our expertise and selection of deep-capacity diamond core drills.

Surface Skid and Track Drill Depth Capacity

BQ 5,500 Feet
NQ 5,000 Feet
HQ 3,500 Feet
PQ 2,000 Feet

Helicopter Supported Drilling Services

Our fleet of custom helicopter drilling and remote access core drills allows us to access remote, challenging sites, ensuring our clients receive the most accurate core drilling data. Our industry-leading experience and adaptability result in superior core recovery, and we have a long history of successfully reducing environmental impacts, lowering overall project costs, and improving project completion times.

Heli Portable Core Drill Depth Capacity

BQ 5,500 feet
NQ 4,900 feet
HQ 3,100 feet
PQ 1,900 feet


Underground Core Drilling

NISS rapidly became the mining industry leader in Underground Diamond Core Drilling Services by combining cost-effective drilling services with technical capabilities and unparalleled safety culture. We are a company of experienced drillers from the top down. We combine our team of highly skilled drilling experts with the best equipment in the industry to make each project successful and efficient.

Underground Core Drill Depth Capacity
BQ 4,500 feet
NQ 3,900 feet
HQ 3,200 feet
PQ 1,200 feet

Specialty & Geotechnical Drilling Services

- Geotechnical Drilling
- Soil & Rock Core Drilling
- Large Diameter Core Boring
- Pre-tunnel excavation exploration drilling
- Instrument installation
- Drain hole drilling

Our Mission

Nasco Industrial Services & Supply (NISS) will give our customers the best products and services they can find globally, while providing the information necessary to make informed buying and planning decisions.

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