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Innovation & Success

Ground Support

With a focus on safety, Nasco Industrial Service & Supply (NISS) success comes from customer-connected engineers and site technicians who continually innovate and perfect solutions, raising industry standards. Which is why we are a global leader in ground support for mining and tunneling projects as well as structural repair, restoration, and remediation.

  • Expandable Bolts

  • Friction Bolts

  • Cable Bolts

  • Threadbar/Rebar

  • Self Drilling

  • Dynamic

  • Wire Mesh

  • Specialty Mine Grid

  • Washer Plates

  • Resins

  • Injection Resin Systems

Solutions For The Future

Power Distribution

In an industry where an hour of downtime can cost thousands, Nasco Industrial Service & Supply (NISS) partners with the worlds leading mines and manufactures to supply innovative, and genuine electrical parts on demand to help achieve maximum performance with lower operating cost.

  • Substations

  • Mine Load/Power Centers

  • VCB Switch Houses

  • Mine Duty Transformers

  • Dry-Type Transformers

  • Pad Mounted Switchgear

  • Metal-Enclosed Switchgear

  • E Houses

Providing the Best

Drill Supplies

We look for outstanding performance in all our drill products & service. Ultimately, that means excellent hole quality, low-cost drilling, and exceptional technical support for our partner's operation.

  • Robit® Top-Hammer Drilling Tools

  • Drifting & Tunneling

  • Long Hole

  • Reaming Equipment

  • Surface Drilling

  • Shank Adapters

  • Drilling Fluids

  • Complete line of Drilling Fluids

  • Experienced Fluid Engineering

  • Robit® Down the Hole

  • DTH Hammers

  • DTH Bits

  • Casing Advancing Systems

  • Shock Absorbers

  • Drill Pipes

Preserving our Natural Environment

Piping Systems

Providing high-quality, innovative piping systems to keep clients production and environmental promises. Every day many of the worlds top producer’s count on us to deliver day and night.  Nasco Industrial Service & Supply (NISS) offers the most advanced technology, specifically engineered for long life and high performance while boasting world-class safety/environmental features.

  • High-Density Polyethylene

  • Fabricated Fittings

  • Draglines

  • Compression Fittings

  • Telecommunications

  • Pressure Pipe

  • Black-Carbon & Aluminum Pipe

Your Solutions Provider

For All Areas Of An Operation

The goal for every project is to be your best-in-class solutions provider in the critical areas on site. If you don't see a solution here, tell us where you have needs and we likely have the solution and experience to deliver it.

  • Process Equipment

  • Centrifugal Concentrators

  • Wear Liners

  • Centrifuges

  • Cyclones

  • Filter Presses

  • Refuge Chambers

  • Underground Hard Rock

Engine & Operator Cabin Respirable Dust Solutions

World class mine operations recognize the cost benefits of clean air for their equipment and workforce. Reduce costly downtime by extending Engine, Electrical Cabinets and HVAC system lifecycle for predictable maintenance planning. In Cab air quality makes a difference to operator productivity by maintaining CO2 levels, reducing respirable silica dust, and keeps the cab cool. Click here to learn more about NISS’ respirable dust solutions.

  • Reduce Silica Exposure In Operator Cabin Enclosures, Electrical Cabinets & Engines.

  • Stay Compliant with MSHA's Silica Enforcement Initiative & ISO 23875.

  • Reduce CO₂ Fatigue, Increase Operator Productivity.

  • Increase Machine Uptime.


We promote industry leading safety and efficiency by providing high-strength flexible and semi-rigid polymer ducting, engineered inflatable air-stop barriers, fabric curtains, and ventilation delivery systems to control and manage safe working conditions in mines and tunnels.

  • Flexline Performance Ducting

  • Hardline Performance Ducting

  • Air Stop Ventilation Control

Our Mission

Nasco Industrial Services & Supply (NISS) will give our customers the best products and services they can find globally, while providing the information necessary to make informed buying and planning decisions.

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