Learn More About MSHA'S Silica Enforcement Initiative & ISO 23875

What is MSHA’s Silica Enforcement Initiative & ISO 23875?


MHSA's Silica Enforcement Initiative

“ MSHA's Silica Enforcement Initiative protects Coal and Metal and Nonmetal (MNM) miners’ health by limiting their exposures to respirable crystalline silica.  This initiative has four components: inspections, sampling, compliance assistance, and miners’ rights.”

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In September 2021, MSHA committed to review silica regulations in response to a petition filed by Appalachian Citizens' Law Center. The Agency concluded this review in January 2023 and is expected to announce a new proposed silica rule mid 2023.


ISO 23875 Air Cabin Quality Compliance

ISO 23875 is an international standard that creates a consistent approach to designing, testing, operating, and maintaining operator enclosures with respect to air quality.

  • NISS_ISO23875_Icon-Co2

    Maintain defined CO₂ levels.

  • NISS_ISO23875_Icon-Particle-Matter

    Particle matter below 25 micrograms in 2 mins.

  • NISS_ISO23875_Icon-filtration

    +94% filtration efficiency at .3 micros.

  • NISS_ISO23875_Icon-Cabin-pressure

    Maintain 20Pa cabin pressure.

  • NISS_ISO23875_Icon-Monitor

    Monitor CO₂ & particle matter levels with audible alarm.

The Health Impact on Industrial Workers

Most occupational lung diseases are cause by small exposure levels repeated over long periods of time, but even a severe, single exposure to a hazardous agent can damage to the lungs.

CO₂ Fatigue

CO₂ levels and associated health effects

NISS_ISO23875_CO2 fatigue

How Compliance Benefits Your Organization?



- Indicates your commitment to the no-harm policy, demonstrating a proactive approach to protecting its employees' health and safety.



- Compliance reduces CO₂ fatigue due to poor air quality, which impacts productivity and downtime.



- Social awareness plays a vital role in recruiting and retaining top talent. There’s a competitive advantage by promoting compliance as the standard approach for promoting worker health. Actions speak louder than words.



- Good air quality in the operator enclosure is attractive to prospective employees and demonstrates the value you place on your workforce. The Sy-Klone® system allows your workforce to be in a cleaner, cooler work environment.



- HVAC systems, cab electrical systems, and electronics are adversely affected by dust in the cab. By reducing dust concentrations in the cab, HVAC system maintenance and costly non-planned downtime is reduced.

Deliverables: NISS's Turnkey Service Solution For A Compliant In-Cabin System

  • Installation of an ISO certified Sy-Klone® pre-cleaner system.

  • GO-LIVE testing and Operator Training.

  • ISO Certification and Documentation.

  • Maintenance Exposure Rate Reporting.

  • Planned Maintenance Testing, Re-Certification and Complete Documentation.

  • A Successful Program is Determined by Passing MSHA’s Silica Enforcement Initiative and ISO 23875 Testing Criteria at Each Planned Maintenance.

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